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QSLB Cadora is a grass roots level, non-profit, volunteer-run organization dedicated to nurturing the sport of dressage and good horsemanship through participation in competitions, riding clinics, demonstrations, lectures and other activities.

QSLB Cadora was founded back in 1969 when Cadora was founded by famed dressage rider, Christilot Boylen (as near as anyone can remember – if you were involved in QSLB way back when, please contact us!) and has been in continual operation for over 40 years. Cadora stands for Canadian Dressage Owners and Riders Association.

The executive of QSLB varies from year to year but one thing we all have in common is a love of horses and a love of dressage. To this end, we offer competitions, clinics and educational events to help those dedicated to the sport.