We hope everyone (human and equine) is managing to staying healthy!

QSLB executive is planning what a 2021 show season could look like.    As we have no idea what may transpire over the coming months, we are taking the same approach as last year - make plans to hold shows with the understanding they may have to be cancelled or modified as required.   We recognize there is a lot going on with both COVID and EHV-1, and are certainly not taking this lightly. 

We are communicating with EC regarding guidelines on holding shows and will be consulting with public health to ensure adherence to guidelines and protocols.  Keeping everyone safe is top priority. 

We are looking for feedback on what people thoughts are for showing this year.  We expect there will be 3 groups:

1.  Planning to show
2.  Will consider showing if the risk for COVID and/or EHV-1 is deemed low
3.  Will not show until the pandemic (COVID and/or EHV-1) is over

Please let us know which group you belong to, Thank you!!

Are you planning to show this upcoming 2021 season?

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