•    ***QSLB reserves the right to:  limit entries, divide or combine classes and govern all conditions of the competitions, subject to the rules of Equestrian Canada***

•    All QSLB entries must include photocopies of OE & EC affiliation and a copy of the Horse Recording with horse's name and number. If entering two shows at same location, this photocopy is not required for second show.  A receipt on a mobile device may be sent with show entry form electronically.


•    EC rules will be strictly followed.  Every class herein is covered by the rules and specifications of the rules and will be held and judged in accordance with the EC Rule Book.

•    A602.1 The QSLB competition is sanctioned as a Platinum, Silver, Gold or Bronze competition member of Equestrian Canada, 308 Leggett Dr. Suite 100, OTTAWA, Ontario, K2K 1Y6 and is governed by the rules of EC

•    ALL tests will be the EC tests -available at  NEWLY UPDATED IN 2019

•    All tests are ridden in a 20m x 60m ring

•    There will be a Dressage Canada Levy fee of $10.00 per entry charged for Bronze, Silver and Gold shows. For more information about the DC Levy Program see   

•    Please read your Equestrian Canada Rule Books and know the rules.  They are available online at or from:  Equestrian Canada, 308 Leggett Dr., Suite 100, Ottawa, Ontario, K2K 1Y6 or Ontario Equestrian: 1 West Pearce Street, Suite 201 Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4B 3K3.

•    Entries will be date stamped and, in the case of over-subscription, NO late entries will be accepted. Should the show become over-subscribed prior to the entries closing, QSLB members will be granted preferred entry, after which shows will be filled on a first come basis.

•    All classes in all shows will be offered as Adult Amateur (AA), Open and Junior. Riders must designate on the entry form their status- AA (as declared on current EC Sport Licence), Open or Junior to ensure that QSLB submits the correct stats to EC and OE.

•    Results will be calculated separately for Junior riders only if there are only 3 or more Junior riders in a class.

•    When there is only one horse and rider combination in any class, ribbons and prizes shall be awarded in accordance with the following chart of percentage:

•    1st – 60% or higher
•    2nd – 57% to 59.9%
•    3rd – 54% to 56.9%
•    4th – 51% to 53.9%
•    5th- all others
•    No ribbons or prizes shall be awarded below 5th place.

•    For the Gold and Silver shows, all horses must have a horse recording number and have paid the annual horse recording activation fee to compete. If the horse is owned by a temporary sport license holder, a temporary horse registration form must be purchased at each competition entered.  Foreign entries must sign an affidavit.  See A404 & A213.
•    Any horse entered in any class at a Bronze, Silver or Gold competition may be selected for equine medication control testing while at the event location.

•    Refunds/Scratches:  There will be NO refunds after the closing date of entries. Before the closing date money will be refunded except the Administration Fee. In the event the competition has to be cancelled, refunds will be given after all expenses to the organizing committee are covered. A horse substitution may be accepted at the discretion of the show organizer if sufficient notice is given.

•    Hors concours entries will be accepted if time permits. No drug fee is applicable for Hors concours entries but all other fees apply.

•    Non-competing horses, at the sole discretion of the show organizer and approved prior to show date, will be allowed with a completed entry form but must pay the administration fee in order to receive a number.

•    QSLB, show organizers and facility owners take no responsibility for any loss, theft, or damage to any equipment.

•    Insurance:  Competitors are responsible for all insurance covering themselves, employees, owners and horses, etc. All owners are personally responsible for damages to third parties caused by themselves, their employees, their agents or their horses. They are therefore strongly advised to take out third-party insurance to provide full coverage for participation in equestrian events and to keep the policy up to date. (or to ensure that their memberships, such as OE, provide such insurance in such situations).

•    Canteens may be available at some shows. Please check or the QSLB Facebook page closer to the show date for confirmation.

•    Please leave your dogs at home per the request of QSLB and the show facility owners.

•    Limited stabling is available at some shows. Please see notes in show detail section.

•    Don’t forget to include your payment in full, as well as copies of all your memberships and proof of vaccinations with your entry.  Only one copy of memberships and proof of vaccinations is required if entering multiple shows at one location.

•    Volunteers: QSLB shows are non-profit and run wholly by volunteers – we always need more! If you have a high school student interested in volunteer hours, we will be pleased to sign their volunteer forms.  Please email if you can help out.  Volunteering has rewards- i.e. gift cards, draws, lunch at the show.

•    Sponsorship is always appreciated – please email to contribute.

•    NEW 2019 – There will be a $5 first-aid fee per entry to go directly to first aid/medical personnel.


1.    Reduced showing costs, administration fee - $15 for members as compared to $30 for non-members. Complete entry forms, including membership copies, proof of vaccinations, requiring no follow-up by the show organizer will be refunded $5 at the show by the Show Secretary.
2.    Discounts at select club events e.g. speakers, clinics
3.    Eligibility for Year End Awards.