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QSLB Cadora


COVID-19 Competition Protocol – August 7/8, 2021

Phase 3

Have you read the COVID Checklist? Click Here!

Rules will be updated as provincial regulations change

1. Doornekamp Farm and QSLB Cadora have implemented COVID measures to slow the spread of COVID-19. We will be allowing competitors, essential personnel, volunteers as well as spectators on the property. The list of essential personnel permitted at the show site is listed below. We ask that spectator’s distance from competitors and essential personnel and are not in the warm-up areas or loitering around trailer parking.

2. Social distancing measures will be strictly enforced at all times (6 feet spacing).

3. The COVID-19 Checklist outlines the responsibilities of those that attend the show. Please review this checklist.

4. There will be a limit of 75 people at the show grounds at one time. Please be sure to check-in when you arrive.


WHO is an Essential Personnel?

Checkpoint for entry

- All volunteers, competitors, essential personal and spectators must check-in at the secretary’s booth upon arrival on the show grounds for Covid Screening.

Trailer Parking Area

- Please maintain distance from other farms in the parking area. It is your responsibility to clean your trailering area prior to departure of all hay, shavings, manure, garbage, etc.


- There will be a porta-pottie on site with a sanitization site. It will be the responsibility of everyone to clean and disinfect the washroom prior to use.


- There will be a garbage can on site for your use as well as a muck bucket for all horse waste. Please respect the property and clean up your area prior to leaving the facility.

Show Office

- There will be a secretary office on the show grounds.

- Everyone arriving on the property must report to the secretary booth upon arrival.

- Please use distancing when using the show office and no loitering please.

Masks and other safety

- It is mandatory to wear a mask while not mounted on a horse and at any time when you are away from your trailering area. Masks will be available for purchase for those that have forgotten theirs.


- It is imperative that all personnel on the show site report to the secretary booth for Covid screening and traceability purposes.

Warm Up Rings

- There will be a limit of 5 horses on the grass warm up area and 3 in the sand warm-up area at a time. We ask that you are considerate and limit your warmup times to 30 minutes before your ride time.

Social Distancing

- It is your responsibility to always remain 6ft apart from all people while at the show.

Food and Beverage

- There will not be a canteen on site for this show.