QSLB Board Meeting March 21, 2022

Zoom Meeting Attendees: Dawn Garrison, Diane Cuddy, Micky
Colton, Erin Colton, Jane Casson.
Not Present: Amy Doornekamp , Krista Simpson Sheri Doornekamp, Sharrie Lynch, Chris Ryan, Emilie

Welcome 7:00 pm
Meeting hosted by Erin Colton.
1. Acceptance of Agenda – 1 st Micky, 2nd Jane

2. Acceptance of Minutes from last meeting Feb 21, 2022 1 st Jane, 2 nd Micky
Changes to previous minutes – Petty Cash is 56.40 and Stirling feed

3. CADORA updates Erin reported that Caroline Peck is the new CADORA Ontario president. The
CADORA 2021 memberships will be carried forward to 2022. It was decided that they CADORA will not
be sending out test riding manuals for 2022 as the tests are likely to change in 2023.

4. Membership Report a. Memberships roll over from 2021 for our group There are presently 32
members. Sharrie will check to see if any of these members have 2020-21 CADORA membership. This
membership can be rolled over to 2022, refunded or donated to QSLB. Erin requested that members
update their information if they have any changes.

5. Marketing Report/Sponsorship Report – Dawn – Micky to approach Herbs for Horses and Picton Farm
Supply for sponsorship this year - Diane to approach her vet Charlotte regarding sponsorship - Piaffe
Shoppe – Erin to ask for sponsorship - Jane to approach Stirling Feed Store, Skinkles Stirling and
Equestrian Roots Feed (gift baskets) and Supply Trenton. Jane reported that Bridle Path will donate and
once the prize list is completed, they will advertise the QSLB shows on their Facebook page. Dawn
requested Erin add Rob’s Excavation & Property Maintenance and Rhonda Grant Sutton Group-Masters
Realty to the Website Sponsor page. Dawn proposed that organizers send photos of class winners with
sponsor gifts to her so she can give the to the sponsors.

6. Treasurers Report Bank Balance 10685.71 Petty Cash 56.40 TOTAL 10742.11 - paid for club insurance
for 2022 and directors’ insurance for 2022

8. 2022 Shows a. Date Approvals/b. Facilities/ d. Organizers - June 17/18 – Evergreen → Diane → Jill
Barton Friday Joanne Bouwhuis – B/S/G Saturday Ron King – B/S/G - July 16/17 Gwinhurst → Micky with
Erin and Sharrie’s help → Lynn Poole Saturday Marianne Fizet Sunday Kristen Boyd - August 13/14 –
Doornekamp → Diane → Sue Foell Saturday Joanne White Sunday Birget Valkenbourg - September
10/11 Lemon Dal → Erin, Micky and Emilie → Sue Foell Saturday Ellen King Sunday Elaine Potter.

Amy and her assistant Becky is completely changing the prize list for 2022 following Chris, Dawn and
Diane reviewing the 2021 prize list and making notes on the necessary changes for 2022. Fox Village
and Equestrian Entries continues to be ongoing with Amy and Diane working on it.

9. NDPC updates – Dawn reports that we have enough ribbons and are licenced for 4 shows at this time.
A motion was made by Dawn that we offer a NDPC for all 8 shows and if we get the entries, we will
request ribbons and licences for the last 4 shows. Micky seconded this motion and all were in favour.

10. New Business - None

11. Next Meeting – Tuesday April 18, 2022 – AGM at 7pm - Zoom Meeting → Host – Jane Casson

12. Adjournment 8:15 pm